The more the days pass, the more the starting grid of the European Rowing Coastal Challenge, scheduled between 23 and 25 October in Marina di Castagneto (Livorno) grows up.

At the moment there are already 11 countries registered for the event, sponsored by the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Castagneto and of which Filippi Lido Srl is the main sponsor and official supplier of racing boats. In addition to Italy, registrations come from Austria, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany, England, Israel, and the Principality of Monaco.

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Starting from 21 October it will be possible to train on the competition field set up with the boats rented from the organizing committee but in this case, it will be necessary to communicate it in advance by writing to

The presence of a Covid manager will ensure compliance with all anti-covid regulations. In this regard, participants were asked to fill out a pre-event questionnaire based on some fundamental points that will determine the eligibility of the competitor.

We remind you that it will be possible to compete in the beach sprint in the junior and Open specialties of the men’s and women’s singles and the mixed doubles. Among the endurance races, participation is open and there will be challenges on men’s and women’s single; men’s, women’s and mixed double; men’s, women’s and mixed coxed quadruple.

The race will be broadcast in live streaming on the official website of the event with at least four cameramen on the beach and onboard of the support boats, in addition to drones that will make the competition particularly exciting.

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